Developments from a Developer: News of What’s to Come

Though it still doesn’t look it, I have been hard at work behind the scenes to roll out many exciting new improvements to existing projects, as well as preparing several new projects for release over the course of the following months. Most prominent among the improvements is adding multilingual support to several projects including the Play This by Ear music education website, and developing the tools that will finally bring graphics support to future Pato Productions software releases. Most of the changes taking place have required major or complete overhauls for the relevant projects, and all of them are still currently in different stages of development. Though it is too early to give any additional specifics, I can say that I am excited for what the rest of 2021 will bring, and to share all the accessible education and entertainment resources I am working on! If you wish to keep up with future updates on my progress, I welcome you to join me on my mailing list through the form below.