Hi, my name is Hector Ibarra. Welcome to my site, where you can find information about my work as a musician, educator, programmer, and blogger.

Born and raised in the musical melting pot of southern California, my exposure to the varied cultures that make up this corner of the world guaranteed a lifelong love of learning and exploration. Though classical piano was the basis of much of my formal music education, I have had the pleasure of exploring the instruments, techniques, and traditions that come from cultures around the globe. This has included everything from the regional Mexican folk music I learned from my own grandfather, to Indian classical music, and to the rich history of musical innovation that has developed in the United States.

On top of my passion for music, my experience as a disabled survivor of childhood cancer has been the other driving force behind my work. As a firm believer in paying it forward, some of my most joyful moments have been those where I’m volunteering, teaching, or a combination of both. Furthermore, the difficulties I’ve faced as someone with a disability have given me the strength to become an advocate for those in similar positions as myself. This is most evident in my work as a software and web developer, where I know, from personal experience, that accessibility and inclusivity in our increasingly digital world can be life changing.

Whether you’re curious about listening to my music, interested in seeking out my services as an instructor, looking for someone to help make your next website or program accessible, or have simply stumbled across this website, I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope to see you back soon!