Hi, my name is Hector Ibarra. I am a Los Angeles based multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, music instructor, blogger, and software and game developer. Born and raised in southern California, I have spent my whole life surrounded by the various facets of the entertainment industry that thrive in this big creative melting pot. At age ten, I was inspired to pursue music seriously after discovering the keyboard and synth magic of Nordic metal giants such as Nightwish and Children of Bodom. Though my primary focus of study has remained keyboard instruments, I have since branched out to over a dozen others, Including guitar, bass, drums, and a variety of fretted folk string instruments. My journey eventually led me to California State University, Northridge, where I am currently completing a B.A. in music industry studies, with a minor in business law.

I am currently involved in various music projects, Including the symphonic metal band In Obscurum and acoustic duo The Islanders, along with my solo music work. My involvement in music quickly led to my involvement in audio production, and I self produce all of my audio projects. In recent years, music education has also become a major passion of mine, sparked by my involvement as a volunteer instructor with CoachArt, an organization that provides free arts and athletics education to families with children impacted by chronic illness.

My love for music has led to the creation of several websites and blogs which I currently run. The first of these was Playing This by Ear, a music education blog and online resource for music accessibility. My perspective as someone who experiences synesthesia led to the creation of Music in Color, a blog where I share how I experience albums, concerts, and various famous classical works as a synesthete. Third came Facing the Wolf, a personal blog where I write about my experience as a disabled cancer survivor, and document my journey toward memorizing and performing J. S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier, a goal I set out to accomplish after discovering the comfort this music brought me.

Finally, as someone who has always enjoyed all things creative, software development has been a relatively recent addition to my creative outlets. Between my love for audio production and my love for both gaming and game development, I created Pato Productions, an outlet for accessible software, games, and tools for fellow developers. On top of writing the code for the software and games I release, my skills in music production have carried over to allow me to edit, and sometimes record, the audio used in my work. Not limited to my own projects, my audio production and development skills are something I enjoy contributing in various capacities in others’ music and software projects.

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